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Possible Vlog to Accompany the Blog?

Hello all!

Quick post for today: I’ve been encoruaged by some facebook fiends to make a video series, touching on health in many facets, with a few different topics that have already been tossed my way for consideration.

I present to you…. Read the rest of this entry


Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween, and happy Friday!

It’s been far too long since I’ve made a post.  Lots of fun, good, and/or busy things going on.   Read the rest of this entry

Summer is Winding Down

So, I can’t really fathom that a month has gone by since I wrote my last blog entry, but crazier things have happened. I have had quite the exciting past few weeks, with Otakon, planning and brewing mead, East Coast Thing, catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and much and more.


Despite the 4 hour wait in line to get our passes on Thursday, it was lots of fun.  I didn’t go last year, so just being there this year was half of an accomplishment for me.  We ate good food, saw good people, and had good times.  I cosplayed for one day, went to a few panels, and generally just drank in the sights and sounds of fellow otaku. Read the rest of this entry

Otakon: Navigating the Food Landscape of Baltimore

As a fan of anime and cosplay, I am going to Otakon this year. One of the biggest challenges for me as an Otaku and a foodie is making smart food choices (i.e., not eating crap food for three days, and then feeling guilty about it), and finding good local eats.  I’ve been to Baltimore, Maryland for Otakon about 5 times now, and I feel I have a decent enough handle on the city, that I would like to present to you my very own list of places in the area.

In case you haven’t used it yet, here is a map of the Inner Harbor for Otakon (including restaurants and hotel locations). Read the rest of this entry

What “Home” Tastes Like

Sometimes the simplest of meal preparations can evoke the strongest memories of home. We all have some type of comfort food, and most of them are home-made (though I won’t be coy about it, one of my biggest comfort foods used to be McDonald’s french fries, when they still made them with the beef tallow in the oil). I know that, when I’m feeling sick or generally in a crummy mood, there is nothing like my Mom’s beef stew, and my Dad’s chicken noodle soup to pick me up. We still use my grandmother’s corn pudding recipe for Thanksgiving, and the taste of carrot cake reminds me of family reunions in Cooperstown. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to my Kitchen

I do not eat to survive; I live to eat.  I relish the thought of each opportunity I get to cook or bake or create something with my hands.  This, in turn, inspires a love of writing, sewing, crafting in general, brewing, and especially emphatic talking with hands (though that may be the Italian heritage at work).

I like a challenge when it comes to cooking.  Diet restrictions? Let me see what I can do. Picky eater? I could have fun with that. You’ve never had a good [insert “xyz” food here]? Let me see if I can change your mind. Read the rest of this entry